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My life journey began in the region of Konstancin-Jeziorna where I spent the first 11 years of my life and it then took me towards vast spaces of Western Canada where I grew up under not always easy but quite enriching life circumstances. I graduated from International Business at the University of Alberta and often dreamt of returning to Poland… At some point I did, although the journey back home was neither strictly planned nor straightforward 😊 

Until May 2019 I was a CEO of  an international software and hardware development company Symmetra. During my 15 years long banking career in Canada and Switzerland, I was able to collect many insights into the international finances. Personally, I was responsible for investment matters and tax optimization strategies of significant European families as well as sell side at DWS/Deutsche Asset Management Schweiz and Fortis Banque Suisse SA. In our Foundation, I am therefore responsible for financial oversight and fundraising 😊

I am also a mentor for teens in our TEENS MATTER Program, while my current company is offering summer internships for those who would like to test themselves  in the IT industry.

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