• Mariusz Lewandowski

The third Live Your Life workshop with Teens Matter Program and SWPS students

This time, the main theme was "story-telling" :)

Our first task was to draw a situation that had a positive impact on our mood, something good that happened to us recently. Later, by contrast, we drew situations that made us sad, made us feel bad and also presented a problem that we had to solve. The most interesting part of the workshop was to turn into the actual heroes of our stories and to identify with the problems that the story contained within itself <3 ️

We would like to thank both Teens Matter Program participants, volunteers and SWPS students for sharing their time with us and especially PhD Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch for being a spiritual guide for us during all three meetings held as part of this year's series of workshops. We are very grateful for the time and care devoted to us during these classes and we look forward to another opportunity to reflect in such a great atmosphere and company.

See you next year!

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