• Mariusz Lewandowski

Our second Live Your Life workshop

After the first workshop we get to know each other so well that we felt at ease and had a great time talking to each other. ️<3

After an initial moment of reflection, we began to discuss situations in which we had to face a challenge: about people who made us do things we disliked and how we managed to deal with that. We also had the opportunity to use our imagination and bring these situations into a completely different reality. It was wonderful to listen to so many amazing ideas and concepts for the world and stories where our problems appeared as monsters, evil witches and other fairy-tale characters. Of course, as it usually happens in fairy tales, good always triumphs over evil and in our stories there were also heroes who defeated evil powers, restoring peace and harmony to the inhabitants of imaginary worlds.

We would like to thank all the participants, especially the volunteers and students of the SWPS for their help in conducting the workshop with our youth. We will certainly remember this meeting for long. :)

#SWPS #TeensMatter #LoveandFamilyStudies

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