• Mariusz Lewandowski

Our image and the possibility to change - workshop

Who am I? How do I see as myself and how do others perceive me? During the workshop, we had the opportunity not only to answer to these questions but also to exchange observations and compliments about our favourite self-portraits. We also had a moment to get used to the opinion of others. On the other hand, what makes the image of other people anxious, annoying and unattractive to us? Is there any special reason why we react this and not other way to certain images of people? Surely, everyone has a different opinion on this subject, but undoubtedly becoming a different person (even for a moment) changes our perspective and we can learn more about ourselves. This was also the case with our own portraits, which we chose as ones we disliked. Returning to the images that we have associated with negative memories has provoked even deeper reflections and allowed us to make many interesting conclusions on who we are. At the end of the workshop we took some great pictures of ourselves that would remind us of what we have learned about liking and disliking ourselves.

We would like to thank all the participants, especially SWPS students and volunteers for their participation in the workshop.

#SWPS #LoveandFamilyStudies #TeensMatter

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