• Mariusz Lewandowski

Teens Matter Program at the Science Festival at SWPS university

Did you know that falling in love takes one-fifth of a second or that sexual desire is more than just a basic thrive? That facial similarity between people in love increases over time? That it’s the little things that make the biggest difference? But love can be still so much more.

This year, during the SWPS Science Festival, we had the opportunity to listen to Paweł Czochański's and Justyna Szachowicz-Sempruch on the subject of whether A.I. is capable of love, or whether is it only a human fantasy. And if not, is A.I. human-like or may be better? Can it be better? Can we, humans learn from robots about love in ways which are somehow inconceivable? And why should we, anyway?

Major points covered:

1) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) doesn't give the full picture of the source of emotions in AI. What does? Perhaps humans dreams and desires?

2) An inter-disciplinary endeavour will allow us to accomplish a fuller understanding of AIs. We have IT engineers, psychologists and philosophers. We need physics and chemistry specialists willing to work across disciplines

3) AIs give us a broader look at humanity - like the reflection in a mirror, through their actions and our own work, we can see ourselves in a different light, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter.

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