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Teens Matter in The Art of Diplomacy exhibition

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Do you already know that among us there are also art lovers?

On April 23, we took part in a prestigious exhibition entitled The Art of Diplomacy hosted by SHOM - Spouses of Heads of Mission.

We had a unique opportunity to admire the art works of ambassadors' spouses based in Warsaw but coming from eight different countries. The art of diplomacy is about seeing things from another perspectives, and navigating the spaced in between them. Each of the eight contributors draw on diverse media, including painting, graphic design, photography, literature, textile and craftwork, to tell a story that is unique to them, their backgrounds, and their experiences of Warsaw.

The teenagers from Teens Matter Program would like to kindly thanks the organizers for the invitation to such a special event. We are very grateful especially to Mrs. Oliwia Nikiel for her kindness. We wish all the further successes in creating their art. Their passion is extremely inspiring, and admiring the effects of their works has been a great pleasure to us.

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