Prezeska Fundacji /
Chair of the Foundation

For 30 years now I have lived and worked in various countries, travelled to culturally unique places across continents and experienced various ways of understanding life. My personal experience and professional knowledge led me onto the path of counselling practice. Today I give lectures at the University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw and work with international communities, businesses, and individuals from various cultural backgrounds in Warsaw. I specialise in the subject of family relations, love bonding, non-violent and intercultural communication. I am also deeply engaged in spiritual journeys and individual tropes for personal growth and belonging. I believe that peaceful, emotionally balanced, and community-focused values build healthy and truthful ties among individuals.



My educational background is in Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Social Sciences and Psychology. I received my PhD in 2003 at the University of British Columbia (Canada), continued with Postdoctoral Research on work-life balance, family and intercultural experience at the University of Basel in Switzerland, York University (Toronto) and subsequently at Queen’s University (Kingston), where in the years of 2005-8 I also held the position of Professor at the Department of Women’s Studies. In 2010 I returned to my home country (Poland) and opened an NGO for individuals in difficult life situations, such as abuse in family, challenges in relationships, alienation or depression, and worked with them on various paths towards self-discovery.