You are born to be you, not to be perfect.

Insight Out is a space of spiritual and psychological  awakening for everyone who feels an inner urge and a temptation to have a deeper look into oneself. This urge has to be stronger than just a curiosity, but it can start with a genuine openness towards something that is unknown and yet so familiar. If you ask yourself repeatedly why this particular person appeared in your life out of nowhere,  or  why  this  challenge,  when  everything  was  going so well, why this failure now, and if - because of that - you feel a temptation to stop in order to find out what is important here and now, then this is the urge. What we do with that urge varies. Sometimes we ignore it for a bit longer, sometimes we ‘get so busy’ that it disappears forever. But more and more often, and more and more people all over the world, experience the urge and are ready to follow the call. This space is for you and for them, for everyone who is curious what brings us strangely towards some people, some occurrences, and events, and why these exactly attract and occupy us so much. It is also for those of you who wish to understand that to be one does not mean to be perfect but to create a distance towards yourself in every relationship and every encounter. Insight Out offers such a distance in a form of contemplation, where you can light a candle that will lead you towards deeper layers of your consciousness.


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