You are born to be you, not to be perfect.

Insight Out is a space of spiritual awakening for everyone who feels an inner urge and a temptation to have a deeper look into oneself. This urge has to be stronger than just a curiosity, but it can start with a genuine openness towards something that is unknown and yet so familiar. We are a healing community center, a place where to meet others in experiencing the body in agreement with our nature, allowing ourselves to clear the mind through bodily experience and embark on a path of the least resistance. To start with, breathing is a move. It is not about fitness or physical endurance. Yes, that’s great in itself, but it is so much more to connect move with the way our minds operate while letting the energy flow in other bodily channels that have been ignored for so long. If you dream, experience awkward fantasies or even physical pains without understanding where and why they have entered your life at this particular moment, it might be that you are on a path of awakening. If you ask yourself repeatedly why this particular person appeared in your life out of nowhere, or why this challenge, when everything was going so well, why this failure, this pain or illness right now, and if - because of that - you feel a temptation to stop in order to find out what is important here and now, then this is the urge. What we do with that urge varies. Sometimes we ignore it for a bit longer, sometimes we ‘get so busy’ that it disappears forever. But more and more often, and more and more people all over the world, experience the urge and are ready to follow the call.

Our space is especially dedicated to people from Western cultures, where mainstream medical, religious and scientific approaches have over the centuries completely separated our souls from our minds and our minds from our bodies. Those of you who had the privilege to grow up within traditional Eastern cultures or any Aboriginal communities will understand the fundamental meaning of body & mind & soul connection. Insight Out offers such a balance in a form of contemplation, which equally involves work with your mind and your body. We give body a form of priority in fact so that we can re-learn how to communicate with the physical symptoms, with dreaming and with fantasies that we were made to suppress for too long. We need to understand how to communicate with our body to heal our mind and re-connect with our soul. In short, our space provides the revival of body as an integral part of anything than can be accomplished with our minds. We connect body with mind in the deepest sense of self-development, but also bring it further towards spiritual growth, the realm of our souls and wholeness. The rest depends on your motivation to embark on this spiritual journey in various and adjustable ways.


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