People Matter Foundation was founded in 2011 as an interdisciplinary group of volunteers (academics, artists, lawyers, psychologists, writers and social activists) who work locally and internationally, embracing issues and matters significant for the relationships, families and communities.

We share an understanding that individuals, groups and organisations, our personal and socio-cultural histories and relations are part of a larger eco-political system of living, and that at some point of life everyone might be in need of guidance, protection or support in terms of recognition and understanding.

Over the time, we have also dedicated a separate program for teenagers living in disfranchised conditions. Teens Matter Program provides critical pedagogical and psychological support for young people as they enter their independent adult lives. We provide personal development trainings, individual mentoring, work practices at international companies, as well as art-, theatre- and cross-cultural workshops. We strive to sustain public trust by adhering to the highest ethical principles and laws that govern philanthropy. Equally we build constructive relationships with applicants, grantees and donors by ensuring mutual respect, confidentiality and understanding. Our overall objective is to increase community awareness and respect for human rights, especially in the region of Warsaw and Piaseczno where we act on everyday basis.



Fundacja Świat Ludzkich (S)praw została założona w 2011 roku pod nazwą Studio (S)praw Kobiet działając w obszarach pomocowych dla kobiet, oraz młodzieży ze środowisk zagrożonych wykluczeniem społecznym, a także w innych, trudnych sytuacjach życiowych.

Od początku jest prowadzona pro bono przez międzynarodową grupę wolontariuszy w Warszawie oraz na terenie powiatu piaseczyńskiego we współpracy z domami dziecka oraz ośrodkami pomocy społecznej. Obejmuje zagadnienia istotne dla rozwoju jednostki, jej relacje ze światem, a szczególnie zdefiniowaniem własnego miejsca w społeczności.


W 2017 roku działania Fundacji zostały poszerzone o kompleksową pracę nad rodziną, a jej nazwa została zmieniona na Fundację Świat Ludzkich (S)praw.


Obecnie prowadzimy program TEENS MATTER, który zapewnia wsparcie edukacyjno-psychologiczne dla osób, które rozpoczynają samodzielne, dorosłe życie. Prowadzimy szkolenia w zakresie rozwoju osobistego, mentoring, praktyki zawodowe w międzynarodowych firmach, a także warsztaty języków obcych. Dodatkowo kontynuujemy program poświęcony Badaniom Nad Rodziną we współpracy z Wydziałem Psychologii w Języku Angielskim Uniwersytetu SWPS. Jednym z naszych najnowszych działań we współpracy z międzynarodowym środowiskiem Warszawy jest budowanie centrum wspólnoty INSIGHT OUT - miejsca, gdzie można spotkać się z innymi i podzielić swoim doświadczeniem, jak również pozyskać pomoc i wsparcie w różnych obszarach życiowych.



Zarząd i Rada Fundacji



Prezeska Fundacji /
Chair of the Foundation

For 30 years now I have lived and worked in many countries, travelled to culturally unique places across continents and experienced various ways of understanding life. My personal experience and professional knowledge led me onto the path of counselling practice. Today I give lectures at the University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw and work with international communities, businesses and individuals from various cultural backgrounds in Warsaw. I specialise in the subject of family relations, love bonding, non-violent and intercultural communication 

(+48) 519 110 698

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C z ł o n e k  R a d y  F u n d a c j i /

A d v i s o r y  C o u n c i l  M e m b e r

I am a graduate of Berlin School in Creative Leadership and until 2018 I was a Director of Digital Transformation Strategy Lead CEE in PwC Warsaw. In Teens Matter I am a mentor and one of the contacts to the outside world. I am Brazilian and I live with my wife and four children in Warsaw.

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Aleksandra Rokicka

C z ł o n k i n i  R a d y  F u n d a c j i /

A d v i s o r y  C o u n c i l  M e m b e r


Diana Mroczek

C z ł o n k i n i   Z a r z ą d u / B o a r d  M e m b e r 

Diana began her yoga journey in 2013 attending Iyengar yoga classes taught by Artur Filipowicz in Warsaw. In 2017 she discovered the dynamic Ashtanga yoga system which became the main way of her practice. Diana attended several workshops including Saraswati classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. She is certified at Teacher Training Course for Ashatnaga Viniasa Yoga with Mateusz Deker and Basia Lipska-Larsen and continues...

(+48) 602 366 489



C z ł o n e k  R a d y  F u n d a c j i /

A d v i s o r y  C o u n c i l  M e m b e r / E n g l i s h  T e a c h e r

I am Founder and President of Poland-U.S. Operations (PLUS Ops). I was born in Columbus, Ohio and enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF) in 2001. I was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy, and graduated in 2008 as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer. In 2012, I was selected as the Air Force Programs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in the Office of Defense Cooperation Warsaw, Poland. I have also served as an Instructor of Security Cooperation Studies (DISCS) in the US. In our Program I am a dedicated volunteer and mentor, teacher of English and of other useful skills. I live in Warsaw with my wife Ewelina, our daughter Julia, and the dog Ryjek.



Członek Zarządu / Board Member

I joined the Foundation as a participant of the Teens Matter Program in 2014. During these years, I felt a lot of support from mentors and volunteers and was twice awarded for my active involvement and devotion to the program. In 2017, I started  an internship with one of our partners where I worked until May 2019 as an Office Assistant. Since then, I have supported the Foundation's activities as a Coordinator of the Teens Matter Program.



C z ł o n k i n i  R a d y  F u n d a c j i /

A d v i s o r y  C o u n c i l  M e m b e r

I am an American-Polish citizen, living in Warsaw. I'm mother of 3 sons, fundraiser and a volunteer involved in various social, literary and art projects with English-speaking community of Warsaw. For over 20 years I have been committed to various socially responsible charities and projects, directed, among others, to children from troubled background. I am now, for over 10 years,  involved in Teens Matter Program.


Mentorzy i nauczyciele angielskiego


Jestem Viktoria, pracuję na co dzień w digital marketingu (to ja sieję tę reklamę na stronach internetowych 😉) ). Ciekawy fakt: według danych GUS, digital marketing należy do branży, która przeciętnie zarabia najwięcej w Polsce 😉 Chętnie podzielę się swoją wiedzą i pomogę ustalić z czym możecie sobie dobrze radzić.

Skończyłam studia ekonomiczne i zarządzania na SGH i na UW, więc matematyka i ekonomia nie są mi obce. Być może też planujecie tam aplikować? Wcale nie jest to takie trudne!

Moja praca ściśle jest związana z współpracą z innymi państwami i podróżami. Być może ktoś jest chętny porozmawiać po angielsku? Czy dowiedzieć się o kulturowych różnicach różnych krajów? 😉

Napiszę również że moją pasją jest śpiewanie, które potocznie też nazywamy emisją głosu - jakbyście potrzebowali wsparcia w tym, czy chociażby wspólnego treningu - zawsze z chęcią!

English Teacher


Artistic soul and professional chameleon always looking for a way to make the job become a passion. I graduated in English Studies from the University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw and in Directing (specialization: Film Editing) from the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz - only to discover that I would rather be on the other side of the screen, experience life and document it. I gave up career in filmmaking, re-qualified back to English translator, took up painting to eventually end up in gardening, which is one of my core passions today.

One of my dreams is to create an open-air art gallery where I could make both my gardening and artistic visions come true. I am a self-made independent author creating under artistic pseudonym Victoria Tucholka. Over 6 years ago, I took up one of my childhood passions: painting. I took part in many artistic events, among others the Art Naif Festival. I also look for inspiration in traveling to the wilderness. Currently, I am in training to become a guide for the Kampinos National Park. In the future, I would like to expand my guiding qualifications to other parks in North-Eastern Poland, which is very close to my heart. I am also the editor, coordinator, writer and photographer of two major web projects Victoria Tucholka Art devoted to my artistic work and other artistic themes, and Wycieczki Osobiste covering topics related to travelling in a broad sense. After all, life is a journey in itself 😊.

It took me half of my life and many twists and turns to eventually realize what I would like to do in my life and start to believe in myself, and it will probably take another half until I will be able to say: I achieved what wanted. I live and love what I do. I do perfectly understand the importance of support and mentorship, because I had none. That is why I am here in the People Matter Foundation. Let’s push this world in some positive direction as long as we travel along together.

Zdjecie strona Wiktoria.jpg


Ci co mnie trochę znają, Julian na mnie wołają, jednak ci którzy mnie dopiero poznali od króla Juliana niestety wyzwali. Za dnia siedzę przed moim monitorem w pewnym sensie projektowym doktorem. W IT jako prodżekt menadżer pracuję z ludźmi i komputerami się mocuję. Za dnia dłuższego interesuję mnie wiele, różne hobby ze sobą nieskutecznie miele, staram całkiem artystycznie się rozwijać, muzykę z pędzlem pieczeniem poprzewijać. Gdzieś w tle studentem też niby jestem, jednak na te studia rzucam brzydkim gestem, wolę swoją energię wykorzystać pozytywnie, bo nie trzeba od razu tak negatywnie. Poza pomocą królikom w SPK uczę innych mówić eureka czyli jak zrozumieć matematykę i na nowo odkryć Amerykę


English & Math Teacher


Math Teacher

Mam 21 lat. Interesuję się kalisteniką. Trenuję już ok. 4 lata. Jest to moja pasja i chcę wiązać z tym przyszłość, dlatego idę na AWF, po którym będę mógł zostać trenerem personalnym.

W fundacji jestem około 6 lat. Zaczynałem jako uczestnik, a teraz daję korepetycje młodszym kolegom i koleżankom.


Wspołpraca i kontakty strategiczne


Flavia is a Marketeer and a Strategy Consultant. She is originally from Brazil but she is living abroad for the last 23 years. The first 14 years in Portugal and since 2011 in Warsaw. In 2013 she opened her own Marketing company in Poland, helping Polish companies to go abroad. 

She has always been involved with social causes, both in Brazil and in Portugal. In Warsaw, as President of the International Friends of Warsaw - IFW, Flavia was able to work more closely with those in need and even develop projects for that purpose, such as Warm Love - a project with more than 22 people involved who knit winter hats and donate to institutions in Poland and abroad.

Strategic Partner


Ukrainian girl based in Warsaw.  Cognitive Neuroscience Master student. My interests are really diverse: from science, finance, and economics to self-development and confectionery. 


For several years I have been conducting EEG experiments (recording electrical activity of the brain) in order to find more answers to the questions concerning human consciousness. 

Recently I am especially fascinated by beauty of religions, mythology, and art of meditations. Trying my best to live the hyggelig life, catching beautiful and precious moments of my life. Definitely winter person, dreaming to visit Lapland. 

Projects Assistant



People Matter Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the FOUNDATION, is an organisation working for the benefit of individuals, families and communities with diverse lifestyles and in various forms of needs. The FOUNDATION's mission is to ensure development and equal opportunities for everyone in the public, professional and personal spheres of life, regardless of sex, age, disability, health, race, language, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political convictions, psychosexual orientation, gender identity, social and economic status, culture or lifestyle. The FOUNDATION’s aims and objectives rest on the principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, in particular Dignity, Equality, Solidarity, and Justice, as well as on the conviction that the formulations contained therein are integral and indivisible fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Direct reasons for the actions of the FOUNDATION are social phenomena pointing to the need for tolerance for diversity and internationality, open-minded, ecology-informed and mindful education, better access to legal and psychological care and support for individuals, groups and communities on their paths of self-development, self-realization and sustainability. The actions are based on the overall understanding of interdependence and empathy towards others, with the involvement of institutions and organisations promoting opportunities for all regardless of difference.

According to the FOUNDATION, political, socio-cultural and personal conditions influence the life choices made by individuals. In communities associated with a traditional, homogeneous lifestyle, the process of emotional growth as well as the accompanying formation of life attitudes (worldview, empathy, attention to yourself and others) require special attention. The lack of openness to diversity, misunderstanding of otherness, limited intercultural solidarity or conscious respect for different cultural, racial or psychological situatedness as well as low awareness about environmental protection and ecologically sustainable development of societies are still very acute. Decisions concerning education, family and professional development are subordinated to average socio-economic expectations, often incompatible with the overall human need for balanced emotional, spiritual, intellectual and economic growth.

Creating space for complex growth for everyone based on conscious and responsible decisions, requires unification of actions at the individual, socio-political and economic levels. Activities in all these spheres should stimulate self-awareness and inner self-esteem, which significantly affects individual choices in terms of personal development, education or building family and relationships. The aim of the FOUNDATION in this field is educational and developmental activities supporting people through integrational activities, individual mentoring, intercultural exchange and development of strategies allowing for healthy co-existence, including the ability to communicate without violence, in a spirit of empathy and understanding of others. Finally, the FOUNDATION supports every act of building social awareness, creating conditions conducive to the overall development of people, both with respect to differences that divide them and with respect for other cultures, communities, the animal and natural worlds.


The FOUNDATION pursues its objectives, as free of charge or chargeable public benefit activity, through the following activities:

1) providing a wide range of workshops and trainings, including (1) self-growth, work-life balance, time management, assertiveness, communication in personal life and in business, (2) choreography, intercultural activities, art, yoga, extracurricular education (3) professional activation, adaptation to the requirements of the labour market, socio-cultural conditions, (4) accounting, marketing, management, computer and foreign language skills and (5) health prophylaxis;

2) providing legal and psychological support and counselling for people in need of assistance, in particular for partners and parents with diverse socio-cultural or financial status, including also pedagogical assistance for minors;

3) strengthening respect and observance of human rights, including the principles of equal treatment of women and men in law, in practice of its application, in private, social and economic life;

4) building partnerships in the area of personal, professional, social and intercultural relations;

5) volunteering in educational and art programmes based on the idea of European integration, in particular in terms of respect for human rights, counteracting violence and all kinds of discrimination;

6) providing legal, personal and professional counselling for young people preparing to enter labour market, for those who wish to develop their own business or look for opportunities to support their educational process;

7) diagnosing problems of socially excluded people and counteracting all forms of violence and discrimination;

8) counteracting unemployment and overall underdevelopment of young people resulting from social pathologies, such as domestic violence, alcoholism and other addictions;

9) implementing prevention of violence and addictions through a wide range of methods, including psychotherapy, theatre and dance techniques, music therapy and storytelling;

10) organising and providing shelter and charitable assistance to young people from families not secured by regular income, from social care facilities and all other families in need;

11) monitoring the application of law from the point of view of respect for human rights, the principles of gender equality and socio-cultural diversity by publicly presenting the position of the FOUNDATION and providing legal assistance to persons in need in contacts with law enforcement agencies and the judiciary;

12) carrying out research and analysis of the current psychological, socio-cultural and policy conditions from the perspective of gender equality and discrimination based on gender and socio-cultural diversity;

13) developing expert opinions aimed at preventing direct and indirect discrimination based on sex, age, disability, health, race, language, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political conviction, psychosexual orientation, gender identity, social and material family status, lifestyle, preventing violence and social exclusion on other grounds, in particular due to lower social or material status;

14) publishing activities aimed at raising awareness of the principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, in particular Dignity, Equality, Solidarity, and Justice;

15) lobbying for overcoming stereotypes based on gender, age, disability, health status, race, language, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, belief, political conviction, psychosexual orientation, gender identity, social and financial family status, lifestyle, division of roles into women’ and men’, activating the local community by participating in virtual forums, organizing campaigns, conferences and cooperation with public media to ensure a decent life for all people regardless of their differences;

16) supporting various communities and civil society in overall by (1) creating the conditions for activating the social and political involvement of various culturally different viewpoints, (2) developing social dialogue and (3) cooperating actively with public authorities, in particular with institutions dealing with labour market, intolerance for diversity, with a particular focus on young people;

17) cooperation with non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and public institutions and individuals showing interest in the objectives of the FOUNDATION or carrying out activities in the field consistent with the mission of the FOUNDATION;

18) organizing open meetings, trainings and workshops to sensitize representatives of institutions responsible for creating and implementing social policy and entrepreneurs to the problem of violence and discrimination based on sex, age, disability, health condition, race, language, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political conviction, psychosexual orientation, gender identity, social and material family status;

19) awarding scholarships to ambitious people from communities at risk of social exclusion;

20) organizing auctions, collections, concerts, shows and other actions aimed at raising material resources for the statutory purposes of the Foundation.


Statut Fundacji

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