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Prezeska Fundacji /
Chair of the Foundation

For 20 years now I have lived and worked in many countries, travelled to culturally unique places across continents and experienced various ways of understanding life. My personal experience and professional knowledge led me onto the path of counselling practice. Today I give lectures at the University of Social Sciences & Humanities in Warsaw and work with international communities, businesses and individuals from various cultural backgrounds in Warsaw. I specialise in the subject of family relations, love bonding, non-violent and intercultural communication. I am also deeply engaged in spiritual journeys and individual tropes for personal growth and belonging. I believe that peaceful, emotionally balanced and community-focused values build healthy and truthful ties among individuals.


My educational background is in Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Social Sciences and Psychology. I received my PhD in 2003 at the University of British Columbia (Canada), continued with Postdoctoral Research on work-life balance, family and intercultural experience at the University of Basel in Switzerland, York University (Toronto) and subsequently at Queen’s University (Kingston), where in the years of 2005-8 I also held the position of Professor at the Department of Women’s Studies. In 2010 I returned to my home country (Poland) and opened an NGO for individuals in difficult life situations, such as abuse in family, challenges in marriage, relationships, alienation, depression, new career development and self-discovery.

(+48) 519 110 698


Członek Rady Fundacji /

Advisory Council Member

Graduate of Berlin School in Creative Leadership until 2018, Alessandro was a Director of Digital Transformation Strategy Lead CEE in PwC Warsaw. In our Foundation, Alessandro is one of the leading mentors for the young adults in the THE TEENS MATTER Program. He holds a Brazilian citizenship and lives with his wife and three children in Warsaw.


C z ł o n e k  Z a r z ą d u / B o a r d  M e m b e r

My life journey began in the region of Konstancin-Jeziorna where I spent the first 11 years of my life and it then took me towards vast spaces of Western Canada where I grew up under not always easy but quite enriching life circumstances. I graduated from International Business at the University of Alberta and often dreamt of returning to Poland… At some point I did, although the journey back home was neither strictly planned nor straightforward 😊 

Until May 2019 I was a CEO of  an international software and hardware development company Symmetra. During my 15 years long banking career in Canada and Switzerland, I was able to collect many insights into the international finances. Personally, I was responsible for investment matters and tax optimization strategies of significant European families as well as sell side at DWS/Deutsche Asset Management Schweiz and Fortis Banque Suisse SA. In our Foundation, I am therefore responsible for financial oversight and fundraising 😊

I am also a mentor for teens in our TEENS MATTER Program, while my current company is offering summer internships for those who would like to test themselves  in the IT industry.


Członek Rady Fundacji / Advisory Council Member

Entrepreneur and consultant with experience in the U.S. military. CEO of Poland-U.S. Operations, previously, United States Air Force Officer stationed at the U.S. embassy in Warsaw, responsible for coordinating security assistance programs and international armaments cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Poland.  Ron holds a Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) Advanced Certificate. In our Foundation, he is a Mentor and English teacher in the TEENS MATTER Program.


Członek Zarządu / Board Member

Thanks to Teens Matter Program I had the opportunity to develop my personality.

I usually did not have much to say in the family home, which made me very shallow and introverted. Foundation volunteers helped me believe that what I think and what I want to achieve in life is very important. Thanks to the support of mentors, I had the courage to fight for my dreams and goals. Beeing a part of the Teens Matter Program is the most valuable experience in my life and thanks to it I can change the world for the better as a volunteer. I’ve never thought that I could be someone's authority or inspiration, but now I know that if we care about something, we have to work for it, and the young people we work with are just as lost as I used to be. And it does not take much to build their confidence and achieve success.


Członkini Rady Fundacji /

Advisory Council Member

American-Polish citizen, living in Warsaw. Mother of 3 sons, fundraiser and a volunteer involved in various social, literary and art projects with English-speaking community of Warsaw, committed to various socially responsible charities and projects, directed, among others, to children from troubled background. For over 10 years involved in Fresh Start, an educational program for teens from orphanages in Warsaw, currently run by our Foundation under the name of the TEENS MATTER Program.  Our great contact to the outside world!


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