People Matter Foundation was founded in 2011 as an interdisciplinary group of volunteers (academics, artists, lawyers, psychologists, writers and social activists) who work locally and internationally, embracing issues and matters significant for the relationships, families and communities. We share an understanding that individuals, groups and organisations, our personal and socio-cultural histories and relations are part of a larger eco-political system of living, and that at some point of life everyone might be in need of guidance, protection or support in terms of recognition and understanding. Over the time, we have also dedicated a separate program for teenagers living in disfranchised conditions. Teens Matter Program provides critical pedagogical and psychological support for young people as they enter their independent adult lives. We provide personal development trainings, individual mentoring, work practices at international companies, as well as art-, theatre- and cross-cultural workshops. We strive to sustain public trust by adhering to the highest ethical principles and laws that govern philanthropy. Equally we build constructive relationships with applicants, grantees and donors by ensuring mutual respect, confidentiality and understanding. Our overall objective is to increase community awareness and respect for human rights, especially in the region of Warsaw and Piaseczno where we act on everyday basis.